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Penthouse with roof terrace

Description: Penthouse loft conversion overlooking Swansea
Local Authority/Location: Swansea, Wales
Project size: £50,000

This current commission is a good example of the lateral-thinking that a  good designer should bring to a project.  There were already two small bedrooms in the roof space, which is labyrinthine;  but the clients wanted one uncluttered master-bedroom with an ensuite and walk-in wardrobe.

Set high up over Swansea Bay the lower floors have no views because of a tree screen.  But we recognised that at loft level the creation of a roof garden or terrace on the south-west corner, coupled with a new glazed roof over the stairs could transform this into an exclusive penthouse suite with ‘to die for’ views! 3D modelling and fly-throughs helped demonstrate this effectively to the clients.

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