Architects in the real world

Architects can often be seen to be creatively precious.  Yes – I did just write that! And in many cases this is utterly true.

But there are instances, more often than not if the truth be told, when practicality has to take over and we don’t have time to get our ducks all in a row in quite the way we would wish.  And this commission was exactly that!

Architect in Cardiff - working through chaosOur clients were a young couple expecting their first child who had recently relocated to Cardiff. Their newly purchased home was in need of significant change to fit their growing family. But with budget and time both in short supply a design that was able to be built efficiently, with no fuss was essential.

The project is much of the way through and will be completed when time and budget is available – but for now, baby has arrived!

You can take a look at the full project page here, and we believe that this is a true example of Serviced Design – our core value.  Throughout this project we have worked hand-in-hand with our clients, resolving the every-day living and working issues that arise on projects with them.  With Stephen Waldron Architects, the client – or their baby – comes first, always.

If you are looking to extend your home, property or premises and are seeking architect services in South Wales, please talk to Stephen Waldron on 01685 647618 or email him.  Chaos is not a requirement but can be accommodated!

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