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Press Release: Stephen Waldron Architects appoints new director.

Press Release: Stephen Waldron Architects appoints new director.

South Wales-based practice Stephen Waldron Architects have appointed Robert Spencer RIBA as a Director of the practice in a move which furthers the firm’s growth plans.

Robert joins the practice with a wealth of experience including work with award-winning UK practices and a prestigious track record that has been committed to acquiring technical expertise to deliver innovation and creativity of design.

“Robert’s appointment is pivotal to our expansion plans,” said founder Stephen Waldron, “we are widely recognised within the South Wales architectural community for our domestic projects. Robert’s experience in both domestic and commercial sectors, particularly in education, will enhance our portfolio, reach and reputation still further.”

“His approach, one of ensuring function, aesthetic, buildability and sustainability is a perfect fit for our Serviced Design ethos, and I’m delighted that he has joined us.”

The similarities don’t stop there. In his early career, Robert spent two years working in Harare, Zimbabwe on the Eastgate project, a major city centre development and the largest of its kind in Zimbabwe.  Stephen has worked extensively in Uganda, Tanzania, DRC and Rwanda including working on several charitable projects, building a school for the blind and a school for the deaf/blind; Technician, Rod Chambers lived in Zimbabwe for several decades where he trained and worked as an architectural technician.

“A connection with Africa is certainly not a pre-requisite when joining Stephen Waldron Architects, but it does give us all a commonality, which I enjoy,” Robert commented, “I’m delighted to take up this position, SWA’s reputation is first-class and to be able to help to continue to grow and nurture this reputation, is an exciting opportunity.”


Response to Covid-19.

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Managing Specialist Works

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