Beating Planning Development Deadlines

Understanding local planning development deadlines may be key to your design and build project. Read on to find out how Stephen Waldron Architects can help ensure that these deadlines don’t give you any nasty surprises.

The local planning process involves a major review of policy every 5 years. Part of this is the review of each ‘settlement boundary’. If a planning application, such as a new house, lies outside the boundary its chances of success are very low indeed as the area is considered countryside. Miss this deadline to get a site included and it’s a 5-year wait!

The Neath Port Talbot Borough Council review deadline of 15th October 2013 led to a spate of commissions for Stephen Waldron Architects involving small sites lying just outside of these boundaries, including Glynneath and Duffryn Rhondda.

Sometimes a sketch proposal can reduce fears of what such enlargement can mean, but much of it is a rigorous technical evaluation.

If you are considering a build or extension, and the land in question may fall outside of your current settlement boundary whilst local planning development deadlines loom on the horizon, please contact Stephen as soon as possible!

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