Beating your budget

Many clients undertake an ambitious extension project or to build a new house only to find that it will cost way beyond their budget!  This may be often after gaining planning consent and many months, or even years, of design and expectation! It’s often at this point that they abandon their dream, and are left feeling utterly down hearted.

This is a challenge Stephen Waldron Architects has helped several clients to overcome.  When we see that aspirations outstrip budget our specific solution has been to carefully organise the design and construction drawings so that the main structural elements can be completed, along with the essential spaces within. However the rest is left as shell, to be ‘fitted out’ over coming months and years, as and when finances become available or even perhaps physically, by the clients themselves.  Careful co-ordination is required so that everything essential to the fitting out is already in place.

Stephen Waldron Architects provide an on-site service, working closely with the builder, to ensure good delivery of design aspirations.  To the outside onlooker the grand design is complete. It is the client’s secret and not one publicly known!

The set of photos below show one such example in South Wales. For this project we obtained planning and building regulations consent to double the size of the cottage.  These photos were taken upon completion of the contractor’s work and just as the clients themselves set about finishing the remaining areas.  From the outside it appears finished, but …….

Stephen Waldron beating the budget

rear view: this looks complete and is twice the size it was.  Coming in at only 70% of original budget.


partially complete: living area


complete: lived-in kitchen



almost complete:  main room with extension beyond (new oak beam also yet to be stained).

If you have a restricted budget and would like an initial consultation free of charge, please contact us. We’d love to talk!





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