Care Homes

Care Home ArchitectThe requirement for care homes to provide a first-class setting in addition to the highest standards of care, yet remain profitable is an ever-increasing phenomena. And as the population grows and ages, this is predicted to continue well into the future. This is where an experienced care home architect can really add value!

Care Home Architect

Care homes are increasingly aware of the need to up-scale in order to beat the rising delivery:cost pressures. Care homes with less than 30-bed spaces struggle to make sustainable profits, and this is compounded when the accommodation is predominately bedrooms with shared sanitary accommodation. All of this with relatives who, understandably, demand high-quality self-contained rooms and outstanding care in a lovely setting.

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Stephen Waldron Architects have over 38 years’ of experience as an architect, with a rich track record of designing housing for the elderly and those with special needs.

If you are Registered Manager or care homeowner and would like to discuss how better use of space or extension may improve both services to your clients and your profitability, please contact Stephen Waldron now.  Email him via