Creating long term value in your property – change the way you think.

Whether you are a home owner ready to re-design your property, or a small (possibly first time) property developer, one of the key challenges you face is ensuring that you have created real value at the end of this process. This is a core element in the remit of your architect. 

Your architect will work to understand your needs and support your decisions before and during construction.  At the earliest stage of site assessment, your architect will be able to identify options, carry out feasibility studies and help you develop a project plan that identifies solutions and incorporates efficiency before and during construction. This will be essential to you and your stakeholders – be they investors, builders, neighbours or planners from your local council.

Because it’s their job to remain up-to-date in the latest property fashion, trends, wants, new technologies, innovation and energy, your architect will be central to designing your home or properties into something that is both desirable, and achievable in the long term.

A good architect will be able to:

  1. Demonstrate how disused or low value buildings can be developed to become commercially viable.
  2. Ensure that the new or existing building(s) run cost efficiently
  3. Specify appropriate, good value construction materials
  4. Help businesses decide on whether to expand current premises or relocate to a new site.

Key to all of this of course, is to ensure that the architect is involved early enough to be able to provide these essential value-adding services.  And this is the challenge for many.  It is essential to speak to your architect as early as possible to ensure that you benefit fully from their advice, experience and up-to-date knowledge.

Architects fees rarely reflect the full and often hidden value they provide, and as such these value creating benefits are all a part of what Stephen Waldron Architects call ‘serviced design’.

If you are considering developing land, or re-developing your current property or business premises, talk to Stephen Waldron Architects for a free, no obligation consultation.  You can call us on 01685 647618 or email us by clicking here.  It really could save you a fortune and therefore add value to your bottom line. You’ve nothing to lose!

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