The baby grows!

Rob ImageAt the tender age of 4 years, Stephen Waldron Architects has taken on its first member of staff. And do you know what?

We’re delighted!

Rod Chambers is our new Architectural Technician and has been thrown right into the deep end as in his first week we travelled to London and NE Surrey to meet two clients, and survey two houses.

Born in Merthyr, Rods family emigrated to Zimbabwe when he was 13 and trained as an Architectural Technician (HND) at Harare Polytechnic, working for local architects Stone Beattie Studio on a wide range including a major shopping complex in Harara and Ilala Lodge Hotel, Victoria Falls.

He returned to the Merthyr in 2009 where he now lives. He enjoys 4×4 cross country driving.

Welcome to the team Rod!

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